Our Story

My husband and I have been good athletes during our teens. He was an avid windsurfer and I have been involved in gymnastics, basketball, rowing and running, but we were not able to continue with any of them due to life, work, age – constraints. We learned to ski together and loved the sport and it became a sport we as a family enjoy doing together.

Tennis is an individual sport that shapes a person’s character, it develops skills such as self-confidence, self-belief, patience, decision making, discipline, and fair play.

Tennis deeply resembles life itself.

Just like in life, the individual is responsible for all of his/her own actions, there is nobody else to blame.

Just like life it is long-term journey, it is marathon, rather than a sprint. Success requires resilience, endurance, patience and motivation.

We would love our three lovely daughters to become strong tennis players, but most importantly, strong individuals.

We also strongly believe that teenagers involved in this sport will have a healthy relationship with their parents.

Exercising, going to tournaments and watching tennis matches together enabled us to spend quality time as a family sharing an interest we all love.

With these positive feelings we started traveling the world, going to tennis camps, meeting different players, their parents, coaches, watching tennis matches; we started growing our tennis family circle in Turkey with like-minded families like ours and decided to create our own academy where our kids can have a world-class developmental education in tennis and grow as strong, responsible individuals.

Our family has always believed in creating a difference in everything we do. We first built the beautiful Casa dell’Arte, Hotels of Arts & Leisure which transformed the village of Torba into an art village. Then we built Greenlife in Torba, a villa community for like-minded people, who enjoy life, want to grow old together while raising our kids as best friends. Then we decided to establish the 3Sisters Tennis Academy, inspired by our 3 beautiful daughters.

At 3Sisters, we would love to raise exceptional athletes, but even if they do not become professional athletes, we want to make sure we help young people to understand the meaning of hard-work, dedication and not-giving up, all very valuable qualities they will use all their lives.

We hope you will join us in making this place a fun-place where we can all enjoy with our children, have happy memories and watch them grow into responsible, confident, happy adults.

Our Story